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T:The Greggs Foundation Waltz
[|"Intro. G"B B d|"A7"c/d/ e c|"D" f f e|"Bm"d2 A/A/|"G"B c d|"A7"c d e|"D"f/ d d2|"D"d2|]!
[|D|"D"d3|"A7"c B A|"G"B3/2 G/ B|"D"A3|"G"B3/2 A/ B|"G"B c d|"A" e3| "A7"a g e|!
|"D"d3/2 e/ d|"A7"c B A|"G"B/c/ d B| "D"A2 d|"G"B/c/ d B|"A7"c/d/ e c|"D"d A F|"D"D2||!
||A|"Bm"d/c/ B d|"A7"c/B/ A c|"G"B/A/ G B|"D"A2 A|"Am"=c3/2 B/ A|"G"B3/2 A/ G|"Em"E/G/ B d|"A7"c2 "Daug"_B|!
|"G"B B d|"A7"c/d/ e c|"D"f f e|"Bm"d2 A/A/|"G"B c d|"A7"c d e|"D"f/d/ d2|"D"d2|]!
[|A|”D”d2 d|"A7"e2 e|"G"g2 g|"D"f2 f|"G"d2 d|"G"g a b|"A" a3| "A7"A B c|!
|"D"d2 d|"A7"e2 e|"G"g2 g|"D"f2 f|"G"g2 g|"A7"a g e|"D"f3 |"D"-f2||!
||d|"Bm"f2 f|"A7"e2 e|"G"g2 g |"D"f2 f|"Am"a2 a|"G"g2 g|"Em"b2 b|"A7"a2 "Daug"f|!
|"G"d2 g|"A7"e2 g|"D"a a g|"Bm"b2 f|"G"g3|"A7"a g e|"D"f3|"D"-f2|]
Transcription credit: Composed Noel Jackson
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