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T:Caroline O'Neill's Hornpipe
(Bc) | ((3dcd) (gd) BGAB | ((3cBc) (ec) AGFA | DGB(G FG)AF | GB ((3def) (gd)Bc|
de ((3dcd) ((3BAG) (AB) | cBA(G FG)AG | GBd(g fd)cA | B(GGF) G2 :|
|:(Bd) |gfe(f gd)Bd | ((3efe) (ce) dBGc| edc(e dc)Bd | ((3gba) ((3gfe) d2 (ef)|
ged(d cB)AG | FGA(B cd)ef | gbg(e dc)BA | B(GGF) G2 :|
|:(Bc) | dBG(B AF)DC | B,C(DE F)GAB | cBd(B cB)AG | ((3FEF) (AB) cedc |
BGA(F GD)EC | B,DE(F GA)Bc | dfe(g fd)cA | B(GGF) G2 :|
|:(Bd)|((3gfg) (dg) ((3efe) ce |ded(c BG)AB |cBc(A dc)Bd |((3gba) ((3gfe) d2 (ef)|
((3gab) af gedB | ((3cde) dB cBAB | dfe(g fd)cA | B(GGF) G2 :|
Transcription credit: "Transcribed by Bob Safranek, rjs@gsp.org" [From the O'Neill's Project. Released under the GNU General Public License: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html]
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